“I’ve been so impressed with Viridian that I’ve actually recommended them to other business partners I’m involved with. When Tamera Green and Viridian Marketing approached me with the idea of creating an endorsement relationship with one of their clients, I instantly appreciated their integrity and professionalism. Viridian Marketing created the vision, focused the framework and brought to life a grand plan that has worked to everyone’s benefit. They truly “get” how to manage relationships with their clients and their partnerships through communication and respect. It’s how business should be done.”- ROBERT IRVINE
Celebrity Chef Robert Irvine
Host of Food Network’s Restaurant Impossible Show


“While Tamera was at IMG she was the architect of a NASCAR platform for Allstate that included a partnership with our driver Kasey Kahne. I would rank the ensuing activation among the best I have seen in my ten years in the sport. The assets were bought cost-effectively with the specific needs of the client in mind. Furthermore they were negotiated in a way that saved dollars that were then used in an award-winning marketing campaign that integrated a driver, league (NASCAR), and track entitlement. Allstate achieved their goals with a program that appeared much bigger than the actual sponsorship spend.

I have worked for and with Tamera Green over the past 18 years and would heartily endorse Tamera as one of the best agency executives in the sports marketing business. Tamera has a unique combination of endearing people skills coupled with a no-nonsense, get-it-done business orientation. She has a track record of successful marketing programs that gives her a highly respected position in the industry. Tamera’s work ethic, network and out of the box thinking will make her very successful running a boutique agency.”


David Jessey
Partner/EVP Sales
Fuel Motor Sports
Management Group


“I have worked with Tamera on a number of sponsorship programs including UPS, Coca-Cola and Outback Steakhouse, dating back nearly 20 years. My experience in working with her is why I was immediately interested when she called recently with a new opportunity through her newly formed agency. I knew that if she was involved it would be a successful program and that it would be professionally managed. She is one of the most highly regarded people in our sport and her integrity is a big part of that. You won’t go wrong, if you put Tamera in charge of your program.”- DALE JARRETT
Dale Jarrett
Dale Jarrett
Former NASCAR Sprint Cup
ChampionESPN Commentator


“Tamera is a creative and resourceful business strategist. She has a depth of knowledge and experience that lets her pinpoint issues and opportunities quickly and align resources appropriately. All with a smile and encouraging tone. And she somehow accomplishes this with a commitment to go above and beyond to keep partners’ objectives on track both strategically and financially.”- LILA EVERETT
Dale JarrettLila Everett
SVP Marketing
Speed TV