First hand success stories

“I’ve been so impressed with Viridian that I’ve actually recommended them to other business partners I’m involved with. When Tamera Green and Viridian Marketing approached me with the idea of creating an endorsement relationship with one of their clients, I instantly appreciated their integrity and professionalism. Viridian Marketing created the vision, focused the framework and brought to life a grand plan that has worked to everyone’s benefit. They truly “get” how to manage relationships with their clients and their partnerships through communication and respect. It’s how business should be done.”

  Host of Food Network’s Restaurant Impossible Show


“I have worked with Tamera on a number of sponsorship programs including UPS, Coca-Cola and Outback Steakhouse, dating back nearly 20 years. My experience in working with her is why I was immediately interested when she called with her agency. I knew that if she was involved it would be a successful program and that it would be professionally managed. She is one of the most highly regarded people in our sport and her integrity is a big part of that. You won’t go wrong, if you put Tamera in charge of your program.”

  Former NASCAR Sprint Cup Champion, ESPN Commentator


“Tamera is a creative and resourceful business strategist. She has a depth of knowledge and experience that lets her pinpoint issues and opportunities quickly and align resources appropriately. All with a smile and encouraging tone. And she somehow accomplishes this with a commitment to go above and beyond to keep partners’ objectives on track both strategically and financially.”

  SVP Marketing, SPEED TV


“When I decided to launch the first-ever marketing partnership campaign with Sysco, I knew who I wanted to lead that effort for me. I wanted Tamera Green and her new agency, Viridian Marketing. I have followed Tamera from Muhleman to IMG to GMR because I trust her instincts and I trust her ability to manage big-time projects. In our Food Network campaign, Viridian has led our strategic planning, hired our ad agency and negotiated our talent endorsement.

Viridian assisted me with the overall campaign management including the launch, measurement tactics, television show branding shoot, ad agency integration, activation elements and talent management. We have counted on them to lead us through this process and I will continue to count on their expertise!”

  Former SVP Sales & Marketing, SYSCO


“Viridian came on board as we were creating a brand new program. We had no logo, no messaging, no website or social media presence. They came in on day one and worked collaboratively with us to create an identity for MECK Pre-K. As a result, when you see the logo for MECK Pre-K, you know who we are and what we provide. Less than two years after we started with nothing, we have a thriving program that is recognizable in the community, with 1,900 families applying this year.

Viridian goes above and beyond to learn their client’s business. Coming into MECK Pre-K, they didn’t have a deep knowledge of pre-kindergarten, so they made it a point to research and learn about the industry, even going to events, so that they could understand what we do and the meaning behind it.

The team has diverse expertise – creative, public relations, social media and other unique skills. They know their craft and expertise and can easily think outside the box. They are also genuine and sincere. Their level of flexibility has been very important as we have dealt with the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic. A lot of the things we had planned for the registration campaign were in-person events and outreach. Viridian has helped us to pivot to more digital and virtual strategies.

The communication between us is stellar. Viridian staff are available and accessible by phone, text or email. Their level of organization – weekly calls, timelines, reports – keep us on track. Regular reporting allows us to see trends and what’s working, and adjust as needed.

The creative output of Viridian – I’ve never seen anything like it. They really understand the meaning behind the message, and they convey that knowledge in the creative work. Their approach is to listen to our needs in a very caring and attentive way, then build out the creative, giving us options and taking our feedback. The end result is always great.

Another benefit of Viridian is that they are right here in our backyard. They live here and know the community. Other big local projects they have worked on, like the Census, have made their work even stronger. They have a great rapport in the Latinx community, which is an important audience for us.”


  MECK Pre-K Program Director, Smart Start of Mecklenburg County


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